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About the Book

My name is Jason Alba.  I have traveled around the U.S. speaking to unemployed professionals and executives for a few years, since my first book (I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???) came out.

I’m always impressed with the amazing talent in a room full of people who are losing hope.

As I chatted with audience members, either at the event or at a coffee shop, I started to formulate the idea for this book.

It started out as 101 Alternatives to a Real Job but for two reasons I decided to make it 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.  First, the size was getting much longer than I wanted.  Second, as I neared 51, I didn’t think I need to go beyond that to get the point(s) across.

The main message I want to give the reader is a message of HOPE.

In my failed, miserable job search I had lost hope.  The loss of hope led to depression, which made my job search more miserable and more destined to fail.

One day I had an epiphany that would lead me to create JibberJobber.  I remember the exact moment when I had the epiphany.  It is the same moment when I found HOPE.  I found a purpose, and a reason, and that “changed everything.”

I know how bad it is to lose HOPE, and I know how powerful it is to find hope.

This is a book about hope.

Shortly after I started writing I was at lunch with Dick Bolles and his lovely wife Marci.  Dick had graciously come to a presentation I did in his hometown and invited me to lunch before I flew home.

At lunch, Dick said “Jason, our message, the message you and I share, is a message of HOPE.  We show people alternatives, and when they see they have alternatives, they get hope back.”

I’m indebted to Dick for verbalizing this simple yet profound idea.

Some of you will flip through each of the alternatives and think “I am NOT doing that!”  “I can’t do that!”  That’s fine.  I don’t expect you to do any of these specific ideas.

I hope that you can get your own ideas, though. I hope that reading these stories and examples and tips will inspire you to think “Yes, I can do something like this.  I’ve always wondered about starting my own business with Aunt Sonya’s recipe,” or system, or plan, or product, or service.

I want this to be a book of inspiration and hope.  And if that is what it is to you, I’ll be happy with the book.

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