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Well… what did you think?

Writing a review on Amazon (you can do it here) is great for helping others become aware of the book.  Would you please, pretty please, write an Amazon review?

Writing a review NOT on Amazon, but in the comments below, could be great for my ego.  It won’t help with my business, or selling the book, or anything like that.  But if Amazon is too much of a pain, and you still want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment with what you thought about 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

What is a useful review?

I’ve been doing some homework on reviews…. on Amazon and not on Amazon.   I want to share some thoughts on what a useful review is.  Take it for what it is worth.

A useful review is an honest review of what you thought about the book.

It is NOT a book report.  It is not a summary.  It is not a list of chapters or ideas.  It includes thoughts and reactions to help someone else figure out if they would buy it.

Was the book NOT good for you?  You can say that.  That’s fine.  You might also say who it would be good for.

Where the ideas not realistic, or things you wouldn’t be interested in doing?  That’s fine.  But did you get any ideas, tips, inspiration or a nudge to do THAT THING (you know, that think you’ve been thinking about doing)?  Did the book touch and inspire you?  Did you make any notes or highlight anything?

Be honest.  You are not an 11th grade English teacher (okay, maybe some of you are) giving this a C+ for grammar and supporting ideas.  At this point I can’t care about a type-o here or a misworded sentence there.  I’m much more interested in whether this caused you to think or act differently.  Even if it was all beneath you, but it caused you to have an intense conversation with someone else, and that is when you were inspired to do something.

Get where I’m going here?

Be humane.  Be helpful.  That’s what we’re looking for.

So now, what did you think?

One thought on “Review(s)

  1. Just posted to amazon:

    People who complain that there “aren’t enough jobs and why doesn’t somebody do something about it” need to read Jason Alba’s new book; 51 Alternatives To A Real Job. As the CEO and inventor of JibberJobber.com, a web based system to assist people who are actively looking for a job organize and manage their search, Alba knows that there is a lot of pent-up frustration out there. However, 51 Alternatives is not an answer book, it is a question book, and that question is “Why not?” Why not start a business renting Cotton Candy Machines? Why not be a You Tube video producer? 73 million American homes have pets, pet owners spend $50 billion on food, products, and services for their feline, canine, avian, or aquatic buddies so why not be a professional dog walker, cat sitter, ferret, fish or finch feeder?

    Alba has interviewed 51 people who answered that question for themselves and created new jobs,and are earning income (if not a living,and some are doing very well.) What impressed me was that each of the 51 people interviewed for this book were engaged, enthusiastic and, passionate about what they are doing. Even the woman who started and is running a Mobile Head Lice Removal business (no kidding; HairWhisperers.com)

    Alba is not naive about starting a business and doesn’t want anyone else to be either. “Starting and running a business is HARD.” He encourages everyone to do their homework before jumping in and provides some basic information and advise about each of his alternatives such as: projected start up costs, licenses required if any, legal considerations,safety consideration, skills required, marketing and sales tips and, earning potential. (As a follow-up, I would recommend a book on how to write a business plan.)

    51 Alternatives To A Real Job is not meant to be a definitive book. Alba’s goal is to encourage and “inspire to action” anyone who wants a fulfilling job to think first about what makes them happy then use their creativity to develop a product or service that meets the needs of other people and provide them with an income stream. Any job that can do that, is a Real Job.

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