26+30 Tips To Become A Better Public (Professional) Speaker

Speaking is a great way to make money (if they pay you, or you can sell your “stuff”), or to get new prospects and clients.  It’s a great way to establish your brand and knowledge, and get more interest in you and your company.

Michael Port is a guy I’ve been following for years… he does a lot of training and one of his trainees shared his (her?) notes on being a better speaker: 26 Public Speaking Tips from an Actor & Professional Speaker.  Having done hundreds of presentations and having been to National Speakers Association meetings (as an attendee and a speaker), I get what all of these notes mean.  Even if you think you understand them, let me say, there is a lot of meaning in each one.  These take time, preparation and forethought.

UPDATE: right after I posted this, I got an email from Michael with a link to 30 more tips.

I want to only comment on the first point:

  1. The speech starts with your bio before you walk on stage. Bio should be over the top powerful and impressive. Then open with something sincere and self-effacing to disarm the audience.

The most important thing I’ve learned about the bio, and what Michael says in that point, is that YOU have to write your own bio. Don’t let the person who is going to introduce you write it. If you want it to be over the top powerful and impressive, and open the right way, trust no one but yourself to create that experience.

Costco Magazine Image and 51 Alternatives to a Real Job Cover

In a twist of irony, I got an email from a Now What author (Sandy Jones-Kaminski, who wrote I’m at a Networking Event – Now What???) showing a page from the Costco magazine.  I have the magazine but I have been to busy to read it… check out this picture:


That elephant is the same elephant on the cover of the 51 Alternatives to a Real Job book.  Their take: Perfect Balance.

Unfortunately, Costco will probably not take my book since they don’t like self publishers.  Their guidelines are pretty clear and pretty strict about that.  Oh well… :(

51 Alternatives to a Real Job… almost ready for the printer!

A quick update, yesterday I spent all day and all night proofing the book for the last time.  This morning I buy the ISBN numbers and finalize the cover… then it is ready for the printer.

Pre-orders are coming in and I’ll send out the first batch of books pretty soon.  Exciting to be “almost there!”

Here’s a post I just wrote on what I’ve learned from this process.