“I can’t do it because…” BUSTING self-discrimination myths

I know, I know.  You can’t do an alternative business or revenue stream because _________ (fill in the blank).

There are a gazillion reasons to not do it.

But that lingering question is bugging you: what if?  What if it was possible?  What if you could do it?  What if only you tried?

Case in point: my buddy Brad Barton, fellow professional speaker and author.  Brad is just a few years older than I am… I wouldn’t consider that “old.”  But Brad really is too old to break any records in a sporting event, right?


Brad recently broke… or, as the papers say, SMASHED two records last week.  He bested the records not by olympic margins of .000th of a second… he SMASHED the American and the World record by 14 and 8 seconds.

Brad shouldn’t have been able to do this.  He is a professional speaker, spends plenty of time in hotels, is old, has kids, heck, he could be a grandpa soon.  And here he is, smashing WORLD records.

What’s your excuse again?



Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

andreea_ayers_headshotI got an email from Andreea Ayers, founder of Launch Grow Joy, with a infographic about what you could do on Pinterest as an entrepreneur.  While she specifies things you would do if you are in the Pinterest popular topics (Baby/kids, fashion, food, health/fitness, travel – isn’t that what Pinterest is all about?), she also breaks down 15 ideas for the marketing / small biz industry (not really one industry), and 52 ideas for every entrepreneur.

Great info! Here’s her link. I’m not going to embed the file here because it is too big… but check it out on her page :)



Have an eBook? Is it free? Here are sites that will market for you…

I was doing research for my book webinar and I found this article: Sites to spread the word about your free ebook

The kicker is that you have to offer the eBook for free…. which can be a temporary thing (in other words, set the price at zero, get the marketing from this huge list of sites, and then put a real price on the eBook).

Interesting, huh?  I didn’t expect to find a list of sites that did this type of thing… !

America’s entrepreneurial spirit going down the toilet?

Why is being an entrepreneur so hard?  Check out this article: America’s entrepreneurial spirit is in jeopardy

Having done what I do for almost eight years, I can attest that it is hard, scary, and prone to financial failure.  I can also say that it can be rewarding, fun, and full of excitement and hope.

The benefits you think you get with a traditional job (security, health insurance, etc.) pull at you… who doesn’t want a steady paycheck and benefits??

Is that the reason why the number of self-employed businesses have decreased by 660,000 from 2008 to 2011 (as per the article)?

Or, like in the comments, is this a great time to do this stuff, especially with tools like kickstarter and the real power of social tools?

Another Kickstarter Success Story

I learned about Amanda Palmer through Ari Herstand’s blog post: HOW I MADE $13,544 IN A MONTH (ON KICKSTARTER)

Again, I’m asked regularly about Kickstarter… this is an EXCELLENT post to wrap your brain around the power of Kickstarter and the amount of work that goes into a successful campaign, as well as what a proactive Kickstarter strategy looks like.

What do you think – is Kickstarter right for you?


Awesome Kickstarter Success

I’m regularly asked about Kickstarter, and if that is a good way to raise money.  Check out Amanda Palmer’s campaign.  She had a goal of $100,000, and after almost 25k people “backed” her, she raised almost $1.2 million dollars…. almost 12 times what she was asking for!

Crazy cool.  An independent artist pre-selling $1,192,793 dollars… and the profit isn’t shared with a big label or anything like that.  Awesome.

If you are interested in raising money for your idea through Kickstarter, you must study Amanda’s campaign.


Mark LeBlanc and Growing Your Business!

You should know I like Mark LeBlanc… I have his book, have attended his workshops twice, and advocate his stuff regularly. Here’s a GREAT post from Chris Mercer, with his thoughts after attending a presentation by Mark.  You can see there was a lot of meat in this presentation!

Growing Your Business! Personally

You can see Mark’s book (about $7) from Amazon by clicking on the image below.