Tutors can make money. Serious money.

Tutoring is one of the 51 Alternatives, in the book.  Here are two articles that are over-the-top:

South Korean Tutor Makes $4 Million A Year. Can You?

Meet The Guy Who Makes $1,000 An Hour Tutoring Kids Of Fortune 500 CEOs Over Skype

I know some people just want to make a few hundred bucks a month, just to make ends meet.  That is fine. I’m all about diversifying revenue streams and minimizing risk, a la mutual fund concept.

But you can go bigger, if you want.  These two tutors are making a lot more than the average tutor makes per hour/year.

How big are you dreaming?

Make Money Writing Books?

Check out this article: How to make money as a politician? Write a book

I’ve made money from my books. What I like about this article is that it tells you how much each of these people made from their books.  The money isn’t overwhelmingly impressive, but you can see how they make money, and on what topics.  I’m not suggesting you need to be a politician in order to make money as an author… you can do better than these guys have.  But this article gives you an idea of what you might be able to expect, financially.

Sometimes, you just gotta get that book out of your mind, even if it has nothing to do with money. But heck, if the money is there, why not work towards it?

Here’s something else: you might not make much money from your book(s), but the money might come from speaking, consulting, etc.

Following Your Passion: Summer Strings Adventure Camp

Carrie Young is the mastermind behind the Summer Strings Adventure Camp in Layton, Utah (just north of Salt Lake City).  I love how she combines her passions and allows others to benefit. This looks like a wonderful fit for someone interested in music, youth, etc.

She says she wants people to know:

  1. The summer camp is for any child with 1 year experience, up to high school, and
  2. The concert is a free concert open to families with children of all ages to the community that is interactive, full of costumes, well known music, and fun activities for the kids, and
  3. There is a year round program for anyone interested in taking classes, being in a beginning orchestra, or wanting to be in a more advanced tour group not restricted by age and very affordable!

This website tells more about the camp, and has pictures from past years: Summer Strings Adventure Camp

This website shows the program objectives for the Orchestra Adventures: Orchestra Adventures

What are YOU passionate about?  Is it something that other people want (for themselves, or their loved ones)?  Can you appropriately put a value on it, and give the customer a terrific experience?

It looks like Carrie is doing a great job with this!

Inspiration from 16 Year Old Jack Andraka: Inventor

Watch this 7 minute video about Jack Andraka and what he is doing.  How crazy-inspiring is this?

The word that sticks out in my mind as I watch this is FOCUS. Perhaps SINGULAR FOCUS.

We look for balance, and recreation, etc.  There are more Jack’s out there who have singular focus who are working to make the world a different and better place, and I’m guessing this kid is going to have a very nice paycheck sometime.  Watch here, and get inspired (not overwhelmed):

Selling Tumbleweeds: Seriously??

Yes, seriously.

Many years ago, at a previous company, I hired an I.T. intern to do work for me in Idaho.  Mike was a cool guy, and I learned he and his wife would go to a local restaurant weekly to make animal balloons for tips.  I thought it was cool, and he had a bit of the entrepreneurial bug.

His entrepreneurial journey took him on an interesting path… read about it here: West Jordan man selling a comical nuisance at $40 each

I think it’s awesome.  Here’s his website: Curious Country Creations

Yeah, crazy, huh? What crazy idea do you have?  Don’t let the label “crazy” keep you from moving forward on something that could be a significant revenue stream!


Plastic bottles -> oil: awesome

I hope that Priyanka Bakaya and Ben Coates become billionaires.

They have taken two huge global problems: overabundance of plastic waste and “shortage of” fuel, put them together, and are working towards solving both.

Read the entire, awesome, inspiring story here: Utah firm making crude oil from discarded plastic

Okay, so she has degrees from MIT and Stanford, and he is an engineer… and maybe you don’t have any of those credentials. But this isn’t about credentials – it is about finding solutions to problems.

Who’da thunk that two people would have the audacity to be on the path to solving to huge global issues, and creating wealth in the process?

Learn more at their website.

Here’s some cool press in Forbes.

Price Matching Hobby turns into Price Matching Business?

People are creative, aren’t they?

Check out this article in my local news site: Mother turns price-matching business into a household name

It’s a neat, and inspirational, story. I love this part:

“Best of all, Turner said, she was able to quit her job to stay home with her children. Her new job has allowed her the freedom to set her own hours.”

Here is Rachel’s website: Price Match with Rachel.  And of course, her Facebook page.

What is YOUR passion?

Create $4k/month in five days…. tell me it ain’t possible!

Before you read this article, realize that the idea, and polishing the idea, will likely take you more than five days… but the point of this article is that you don’t have to take years to create this type of income.  And many people can quit their 9-to-5 if they can create this much money.  OR, keep the 9-to-5, and simply experience a different type of financial mindset!

From Tim Ferriss’ blog, written by the brilliant Noah Kagan: How to Create a $4,000 Per Month Muse in 5 Days (Plus: How to Get Me As Your Mentor)