James Altucher: 40 Alternatives to College

I love James Altucher’s work. Here is a very interesting slideshow he did titled 40 Alternatives to College.

It’s cool to think about all of these things, but as a dad of a girl who’s not that far away from college I’m not sure I’m behind all of them (at least, not for her). But many of these receive an enthusiastic AMEN! from me :)

Can Inventors Make Money?

I’m pretty behind on my Shark Tank, so I missed this one… but the article is good:

Making money as an inventor isn’t easy, experts say

I LOVE the ingenuity and creativeness that these inventors/entrepreneurs show!

This line doesn’t surprise me:

“Less than 3 percent of those who get patents make any money with them,”

I’m guessing most people are so mentally exhausted by the time they go through the patent process, or they are out of money after paying lawyers, that they don’t know what to do next or they can’t afford it (time/energy).  But hey, I got a patent!!

There is some great stuff in this article… check it out :)


Inspiration from 16 Year Old Jack Andraka: Inventor

Watch this 7 minute video about Jack Andraka and what he is doing.  How crazy-inspiring is this?

The word that sticks out in my mind as I watch this is FOCUS. Perhaps SINGULAR FOCUS.

We look for balance, and recreation, etc.  There are more Jack’s out there who have singular focus who are working to make the world a different and better place, and I’m guessing this kid is going to have a very nice paycheck sometime.  Watch here, and get inspired (not overwhelmed):

Selling Tumbleweeds: Seriously??

Yes, seriously.

Many years ago, at a previous company, I hired an I.T. intern to do work for me in Idaho.  Mike was a cool guy, and I learned he and his wife would go to a local restaurant weekly to make animal balloons for tips.  I thought it was cool, and he had a bit of the entrepreneurial bug.

His entrepreneurial journey took him on an interesting path… read about it here: West Jordan man selling a comical nuisance at $40 each

I think it’s awesome.  Here’s his website: Curious Country Creations

Yeah, crazy, huh? What crazy idea do you have?  Don’t let the label “crazy” keep you from moving forward on something that could be a significant revenue stream!


Energy Bars: nuts, sweet stuff…cricket powder! #Chapul

Of course grinding up dead crickets and adding that to food, specifically an energy bar (a too-crowded space, right?) won’t work.

Or…. wait… maybe it will work.

Check out this article: Utah entrepreneur makes energy bars from crickets

Pat Crowley is the person behind making this happen.  He didn’t come up with the idea of eating crickets (which is down around the world, and has been done in my own backyard by my son and his friends a few years ago :p), but he executed the idea.

Sometimes we just need to take a crazy, crazy idea and make it happen.

Kudos to Pat, and the Chapul team, for moving forward on a crazy idea that is helping get crickets into the mouths of more people!


Plastic bottles -> oil: awesome

I hope that Priyanka Bakaya and Ben Coates become billionaires.

They have taken two huge global problems: overabundance of plastic waste and “shortage of” fuel, put them together, and are working towards solving both.

Read the entire, awesome, inspiring story here: Utah firm making crude oil from discarded plastic

Okay, so she has degrees from MIT and Stanford, and he is an engineer… and maybe you don’t have any of those credentials. But this isn’t about credentials – it is about finding solutions to problems.

Who’da thunk that two people would have the audacity to be on the path to solving to huge global issues, and creating wealth in the process?

Learn more at their website.

Here’s some cool press in Forbes.

Great CEO Quote from Ben Horowitz (H/T David Bradford)

Found this gem in the middle of a blog post from David Bradford, from Ben Horowitz:

“In my experience as CEO, I found that the most important decisions tested my courage far more than my intelligence.”

Sometimes (most of the time?) being that CEO who pulls the trigger on decisions is exercising their courage more than their intelligence.  Not to say you don’t have to be smart, but just being smart isn’t necessarily the key.