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“I can’t do it because…” BUSTING self-discrimination myths

I know, I know.  You can’t do an alternative business or revenue stream because _________ (fill in the blank).

There are a gazillion reasons to not do it.

But that lingering question is bugging you: what if?  What if it was possible?  What if you could do it?  What if only you tried?

Case in point: my buddy Brad Barton, fellow professional speaker and author.  Brad is just a few years older than I am… I wouldn’t consider that “old.”  But Brad really is too old to break any records in a sporting event, right?


Brad recently broke… or, as the papers say, SMASHED two records last week.  He bested the records not by olympic margins of .000th of a second… he SMASHED the American and the World record by 14 and 8 seconds.

Brad shouldn’t have been able to do this.  He is a professional speaker, spends plenty of time in hotels, is old, has kids, heck, he could be a grandpa soon.  And here he is, smashing WORLD records.

What’s your excuse again?



2 thoughts on ““I can’t do it because…” BUSTING self-discrimination myths

  1. Thank you Jason. Its been an incredibly difficult, painful and at time frustrating journey. It has also reawakened in me a strong sense of wonder, vitality and excitement for my future and the enormous good I can do in the world. Attempting something really really hard may be one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

  2. It’s awesome and inspiring, Brad. And what you just wrote, about it being incredibly difficult, painful and frustrating, and also the benefits of wonder, vitality, and excitement for the future, etc. sounds exactly like what a startup entrepreneur might say :)

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