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Can You Make Money With A Blog? Bloggers Share Income…!

Of course people can make money with a blog.  But it’s really hard to be one of the top 100 blogs, and make money.  If you don’t have the time, resources, vision or know-how to make serious money with a blog, can you make it at all?

Yep, you can.  Check out this very cool post titled Bloggers Share Income.

In the post you’ll see some examples of how much people can make with a blog.  Click through to their blogs and see what they are doing.  If you are up for making a few hundred, and maybe  few thousand, each month, study this post and the sites they link to.  If you are dismayed at the amount they earn, make sure you look at the number of hours they spend on this.  It’s not a bad earning per hour.  Also, for some people who’s alternative might be a part-time job doing something close to minimum wage (not that these bloggers are in that boat, but if I have to get a side-job at a local store or restaurant to bring in a few bucks, I use this as a measurement to gauge where to put my time), remember that $1k a month is a little more than $6 an hour if you work 40 hours a week, four weeks a month.


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