Plastic bottles -> oil: awesome

I hope that Priyanka Bakaya and Ben Coates become billionaires.

They have taken two huge global problems: overabundance of plastic waste and “shortage of” fuel, put them together, and are working towards solving both.

Read the entire, awesome, inspiring story here: Utah firm making crude oil from discarded plastic

Okay, so she has degrees from MIT and Stanford, and he is an engineer… and maybe you don’t have any of those credentials. But this isn’t about credentials – it is about finding solutions to problems.

Who’da thunk that two people would have the audacity to be on the path to solving to huge global issues, and creating wealth in the process?

Learn more at their website.

Here’s some cool press in Forbes.

Great CEO Quote from Ben Horowitz (H/T David Bradford)

Found this gem in the middle of a blog post from David Bradford, from Ben Horowitz:

“In my experience as CEO, I found that the most important decisions tested my courage far more than my intelligence.”

Sometimes (most of the time?) being that CEO who pulls the trigger on decisions is exercising their courage more than their intelligence.  Not to say you don’t have to be smart, but just being smart isn’t necessarily the key.

Price Matching Hobby turns into Price Matching Business?

People are creative, aren’t they?

Check out this article in my local news site: Mother turns price-matching business into a household name

It’s a neat, and inspirational, story. I love this part:

“Best of all, Turner said, she was able to quit her job to stay home with her children. Her new job has allowed her the freedom to set her own hours.”

Here is Rachel’s website: Price Match with Rachel.  And of course, her Facebook page.

What is YOUR passion?

“I can’t do it because…” BUSTING self-discrimination myths

I know, I know.  You can’t do an alternative business or revenue stream because _________ (fill in the blank).

There are a gazillion reasons to not do it.

But that lingering question is bugging you: what if?  What if it was possible?  What if you could do it?  What if only you tried?

Case in point: my buddy Brad Barton, fellow professional speaker and author.  Brad is just a few years older than I am… I wouldn’t consider that “old.”  But Brad really is too old to break any records in a sporting event, right?


Brad recently broke… or, as the papers say, SMASHED two records last week.  He bested the records not by olympic margins of .000th of a second… he SMASHED the American and the World record by 14 and 8 seconds.

Brad shouldn’t have been able to do this.  He is a professional speaker, spends plenty of time in hotels, is old, has kids, heck, he could be a grandpa soon.  And here he is, smashing WORLD records.

What’s your excuse again?



Can You Make Money With A Blog? Bloggers Share Income…!

Of course people can make money with a blog.  But it’s really hard to be one of the top 100 blogs, and make money.  If you don’t have the time, resources, vision or know-how to make serious money with a blog, can you make it at all?

Yep, you can.  Check out this very cool post titled Bloggers Share Income.

In the post you’ll see some examples of how much people can make with a blog.  Click through to their blogs and see what they are doing.  If you are up for making a few hundred, and maybe  few thousand, each month, study this post and the sites they link to.  If you are dismayed at the amount they earn, make sure you look at the number of hours they spend on this.  It’s not a bad earning per hour.  Also, for some people who’s alternative might be a part-time job doing something close to minimum wage (not that these bloggers are in that boat, but if I have to get a side-job at a local store or restaurant to bring in a few bucks, I use this as a measurement to gauge where to put my time), remember that $1k a month is a little more than $6 an hour if you work 40 hours a week, four weeks a month.


Cool Business Idea: Giant Bubbles (Wonki Wands)

I’ve been intrigued by giant bubbles, probably along with the rest of humanity.  Here’s an idea I read about in my local news: Locals make giant bubbles their business.

Grandparents who thought of an idea, designed a solution, set up a website, and are ready to have another revenue stream.

Check out the Wonki Wands website.

These people probably have as many reasons why they shouldn’t do something like this as why they should do something like this.

Let this be an inspiration to you… if they can do this, why not you with your ideas?

From their kickstarter page: