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Bad news for social marketing service providers

I saw a big shift from SEO experts to “social marketing” experts – that is, the people who help companies make money from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Check out this article from Business Insider: Facebook Slightly Tweaked How The Site Works — And It Screwed An Entire Profession.

I saw people who lost business and contracts when Google made certain changes.  Companies who had invested in an SEO strategy found all their time and money went bye-bye… it’s kind of a dangerous game, as you do something and hope Google doesn’t pull the rug out from under you.

That is what is happening at Facebook, according to that article.  I don’t fault Facebook, but there are two lessons here:

1. If the bulk of your money depends on another company (like in this case, or like in using an API for a different company), you put all of your security into the other company;

2. If there is change that means some people are moving out of your industry, I am sure there are more or other opportunities for you (either there, with a changed strategy), or in a new field.

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