Can ebooks be your primary income source?

Yes.  Check out this awesome article: The Indie Ebook Scene Is Growing: Here’s Over 170 Authors Who’ve Sold More Than 50,000 Copies

I’ve been studying this for a video course I’m preparing… I’m amazed at how empowered an individual can be.  It’s really making me think “I need to write some more ebooks!”  You can get all of my books in paperback or ebook, but maybe I should spend some time cranking out a bunch of ebooks?

Here’s an amazon link to my latest book, in kindle version… but Amazon is not the only place to sell an ebook.

How YOU should sell based on your personality and style (this is brilliant)

I found this video by Beth Grant while surfing around and thought it was really quite brilliant.  It helps you understand how to align your selling style with who you are.  I’ve been to a lot of presentations and seen what she is talking about, but never framed like this before.  Totally worth the time to watch and internalize.

Watch the short video here: Cash Alignment.  It is based on the grid below… watch the video to see what it all means:


Create $4k/month in five days…. tell me it ain’t possible!

Before you read this article, realize that the idea, and polishing the idea, will likely take you more than five days… but the point of this article is that you don’t have to take years to create this type of income.  And many people can quit their 9-to-5 if they can create this much money.  OR, keep the 9-to-5, and simply experience a different type of financial mindset!

From Tim Ferriss’ blog, written by the brilliant Noah Kagan: How to Create a $4,000 Per Month Muse in 5 Days (Plus: How to Get Me As Your Mentor)