Affiliate Marketing and a Super Affiliate (Zac Johnson)

zac_johnsonOne of the 51 Alternatives is affiliate marketing. There is a lot to study if you want to do this.  I would start by reading everythingo on Zac Johnson’s website.

There is a lot to be made in affiliate marketing, but you will work really hard to earn it.  Yes, you can set up systems to leverage and scale your efforts, but it will take a lot of work to get there.

Probably not worth it, right?

Only if you want to be independent… :)

(I was reminded of Zac when I read this post on JobMob: Stop Making Other People Rich! Grow Your Own Brand)

Jesse Stay and his business initiatives

jesse_stayJesse coauthored I’m on Facebook–Now What???
with me, and has had an interesting career.  His newest thing, which you should watch (if you are interested in multiple revenue streams), is this: ANYONE Can (and Should) be a Marketer! My New Business and Focus

In the back of 51 Alternatives I have a cycle, and I think the key point is EVOLVE.

Jesse is evolving, and has evolved over the years.  Watch him do it at his blog.


Headline Analyzer from the Publicity Hound

I got an email from Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, about this nifty tool to tell you if your headline (article, blog post, newsletter subject, etc.) is awesome or not.  My score for this blog post title was 16.67% (that is NOT awesome :p).

Check it out here: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

You can get cool stuff from Joan from her newsletter – the signup is on the front page of her website.