All the best mouse traps have been invented, right? Wrong. Digital Ranger App

A kid needed money to server his church on a two year mission (he pays all expenses himself).  He wants to raise money for it so he creates a business out of providing a service to Utah’s big tourism industry (or, the tourists).

Looks like he found a problem that we all could have found, created a solution that many had the ability to have done, and is set to have a nice business.  Read more: Venture to boost missionary funds leads to successful business

I think this should be acquired by Cabelas or REI or some big outdoor sport store.  Derek, don’t sell for less than $1m right now.  If you grow it to other states/countries, you are sitting on something the Cabelas execs should really want to own (read: it will be worth more than $1M).

Here’s a screenshot of the app (see the need he is filling?):


Can a teacher make $4 million??? Apparently, yes.

Check out this fascinating story about a guy who makes $4M (I’m guessing USD) in South Korea.  He does it buy leveraging technology.

And all you teachers getting laid off thought you picked the wrong major, huh?

Think again, but this time, more creatively.

Here’s an awesome story about Scott Allen earning $1M in the US in a similar model.

Personal Fitness Trainer Becomes Multi Gazillionaire?

In 51 Alternatives to a Real Job (which is now on the Kindle) I talked about personal trainers on page 55.  I think you can make decent money as a personal trainer.

Here’s an article about Greg Glassman who was a personal trainer.  His business (CrossFit) will supposedly do about $100M this year.

51 Alternatives to a Real Job was written to inspire.  If you just want to replace some lost income, or have a revenue stream that you are in control over (as opposed to a boss), or even take it big time, I hope you get INSPIRED!

Here’s the fascinating article about the personal trainer who went big.