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McDonalds Budgeting Advice – how to live on minimum wage

Here’s a link video I found while surfing through Facebook: McDonalds Helpfully Offered Its Employees Budgeting Advice. Here’s What Happened.

The bottom line is that McDonald’s showed how to do a budget but they missed some important things:

  • Even with their budget you can’t live on minimum wage, 
  • many expenses a normal person would have.

After watching the minute long video I realized that their target audience is kids in high school.  The budget was an attempt to have a more grown-up conversation, but the bottom line is that a McDonalds job, especially out of management, is NOT meant to be a career.  What is it, then?

A great entry level job to learn various things including personal responsibility, how to work with others, customer service, etc.

It could also be a great way to increase your personal income.

It could be a fine job if you live at home and don’t have full, normal expenses.

I’m not saying you should work fast food, or at McDonald’s.  I think you can make (A LOT) more per hour doing other things, like I have in 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

Putting it in perspective, a McDonald’s job is just one more income stream.  And it might be a very good one for you.

Regardless of the bad math on the video and the audience mismatch.



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