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Self-Promotion is a MUST

dan_schwabelDan Schawbel got some ink on Yahoo’s article: A self-promotion pro tells how to get ahead

I knew Dan when he was a nobody, working a corporate job with a vision to do much more. He has done much more and it’s been awesome to watch his company and career blossom.

Read the article.  Everything he says is stuff he has done.

But there is something he didn’t go into (which I’ll go into for the Ask The Expert webinar with Dan in October): interviewing people.

Dan has interviewed dozens of famous people.  I’m not talking niche, kind of famous.  He has interviewed BIG names.  And lots of them.

Dan isn’t a journalist, but he approached this project (of interviewing famous people) with a drive that I’ve not seen before.  And it has boosted his own brand to a higher level.  Getting endorsements for his books from big names?  No big deal.  He has the relationships.

Anyway, read the article.  Do what Dan says.  And join us in October (no cost).

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