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Alternatives to a Real Job: Pool Boy

This is an Alternative that almost made it into the book, but didn’t.  I’m going to copy and paste from Quora – I can’t ask the poster permission because he is anon, and Quora might not let you see it unless you are logged in.  This is responding to jobs that don’t seem to make a lot of money but do:

I worked on and off as a “pool boy” in my younger, fitter days. I am answering this anon for a few reasons I won’t go into.

I don’t know how typical this is and I did this as freelance venture, not working for a company.

I would charge a customer $40 a week to keep their pools clean and all the chemicals balanced. This usually took me about 45 minutes a trip. I would typically only have to visit the pool once a week so I could do many pools in a week. For about 5 years I maintained roughly ten pools a day, 6 days a week for 6 months out of the year.

$40/pool x 60 pools a week= $2,400

$2,400/week x 25 weeks or so= $60,000

Keep in mind that this was for just over half the year, and not including tips.

Some of the perks were freakin awesome!

It took a lot of hours and it was much harder work than one would think, but I was making good money for an 18 year old with no college education.

So basically, if you live in the right place, you might be able to make $60k working half the year? Awesome.

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