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Don’t “Sell Past The Close”

On a webinar this week about salary negotiation we were talking about talking too much. I shared a recent experience where my nine year old daughter felt like she had to overly explain something that had happened.  Before she started I already had decided what I was going to do (talk to one of her siblings who was “in the wrong”), but the way my daughter kept describing things, and justifying and rationalizing, she looked worse and worse.

I told her to stop, because she already made her case, and she “won,” but the more she talked, the more likely she was going to get in trouble also.

A sales professional who listened to this story said that she was “selling past the close.”

What a profound thought!  I’m sure it is a common phrase among sales people, but I had never heard it before.

I have heard things like “he who talks first loses,” and “he who talks last loses.”  I love the concept but I don’t like the idea of “losing,” since sales should be about win-win-win.

Using the term “don’t sell past the close” is cool because it is win-win-win… no one really “loses.”  But it is a warning that perhaps there is a time to STOP talking.

Or else you might just talk yourself out of the sale.

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