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Cantastic: Cleaning Garbage Cans?

A guy lost his job and then started cleaning garbage cans.  He earned $400 a day doing it.

That is pretty good money.  If he did that every day he would make $104,000 a year.  Of course he’ll take off holidays, sick days, vacation, etc. so he probably won’t make six figures hustling to clean garbage cans every day, but let’s say he worked 1/2 time… and made $50k/year.

This is crazy, isn’t it?

People are doing it. Instead of sitting around looking for a $25/hour job working at a place they might not like for a boss they might despise, they are out hustling.

Here’s an article taking the garbage can cleaning idea to the next level: ‘Cantastic’ smells success cleaning stinky garbage cans.

Well played Cantastic!

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