iCracked: 10M in 2013?

Check out this article about A.J. Forsythe.  He founded iCracked, which sends techs to your house to fix your broken iphone/ipad screens.  They say they will earn over $10M this year.

Sounds like a great little startup that took A.J. out of cubicle nation, doesn’t it?

Why didn’t you start this?  To scared?  Couldn’t get the funding?  Didn’t think the market was big enough?  Don’t get the market?  Too much work?

Kudos to A.J. for getting over all the “here’s why it won’t work” excuses.

Cantastic: Cleaning Garbage Cans?

A guy lost his job and then started cleaning garbage cans.  He earned $400 a day doing it.

That is pretty good money.  If he did that every day he would make $104,000 a year.  Of course he’ll take off holidays, sick days, vacation, etc. so he probably won’t make six figures hustling to clean garbage cans every day, but let’s say he worked 1/2 time… and made $50k/year.

This is crazy, isn’t it?

People are doing it. Instead of sitting around looking for a $25/hour job working at a place they might not like for a boss they might despise, they are out hustling.

Here’s an article taking the garbage can cleaning idea to the next level: ‘Cantastic’ smells success cleaning stinky garbage cans.

Well played Cantastic!

51 Alternatives to a Real Job… almost ready for the printer!

A quick update, yesterday I spent all day and all night proofing the book for the last time.  This morning I buy the ISBN numbers and finalize the cover… then it is ready for the printer.

Pre-orders are coming in and I’ll send out the first batch of books pretty soon.  Exciting to be “almost there!”

Here’s a post I just wrote on what I’ve learned from this process.