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51 Alternatives to a Real Job and personal empowerment

Is the 51 Alternatives book about creating a lifestyle for those who are adverse to the safety and security of a traditional job?

Not necessarily.  I’m not a big believer of said “safety and security,” but I also don’t want to be an alarmist of use scare tactics to say you need to do this.

It’s more about personal empowerment.

As an example, my friend and coauthor of the Facebook book just announced he is not going out on his own again: On My Own Again – I’m Back in the Saddle

Over the years, Jesse has been in the corporate and flipped to the consulting side, then flopped back to corporate, and now he’s flipping again.

This is someone who knows where the security lies.  Perhaps it is in his very own skillset, not in either corporate or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Jesse is empowered to make these decisions.  Contrast that to people in a “real job” who are trapped by high salary and/or good benefits.  Or, just the illusion of having a career that doesn’t buck the system. Here are a few empowered thoughts he shares:

“I have no regrets and appreciate the experience the last 3 and a half years have given me.”


“I’m so excited to have a little more time to focus again on what I love most – building, writing, and producing really cool stuff that can change the world!”

That’s what the Alternatives are about.  This is written by a man who is not trapped.


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