Starting a Company? Consider working for someone else first… ?

Check out this post: 10 Reasons Every Recruiter Must Start With an Agency.

In this post Will Thomson is telling about his road to becoming a recruiter and the invaluable experience he had working at a staffing agency.  It sounds similar to the experience I had working as an intern.  For me, the pay was relatively low but the experience was amazing.

Maybe the best route for your own business is not to jump in headfirst, but to get some solid experience and mentoring by working at another company first. Will’s post is an excellent testimonial of that.


Cash Flow vs. Profit

cash_money_billsIn business school I remember finally understanding the difference between, and importance of, cash flow vs. profit.

I had been conditioned, probably because of news reports and other consumption, that business success is all about profit.

But I learned in school that a company could be profitable, even highly profitable, and still fail.

If you don’t have CASH you lose (eventually). Period.

Check out this post on LinkedIn from James Caan on cash flow.