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51 is the new 101

When I announced this book I was so excited to announce it as 101 Alternatives to a Real Job.

As the project evolved I realized I couldn’t do 101 for this book.  It would have made it way too big.  I needed to modify it.

My pride got in the way and I chewed on the change for a few weeks until I finally realized I could change it to 51 Alternatives.  No one would really know or care, and the value would not necessarily change.

Changing it from 101 Alternatives to 51 meant I could spend more time and offer more information in the Alternatives I wrote about.  I could have more interviews and input from others, and have that be more common, rather than have those types of quotes in just a few Alternatives.

I came to the conclusion that the quotes and input from others would really be the meat of the book.  As a reader I think I would be more interested in what other people said, rather than what the author said.

So I looked for quotes from people who are actually doing it.  Not only did that make this book a much bigger project, it added a lot more content.

There you go.  That’s my rationalization for paring it down to 51 Alternatives.  Who knows, maybe there will be a 51 More Alternatives book out later.

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